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Serviced houses and traditional Apartments: What’s the difference?

Posted on Sunday, May 28, 2017 by Farshad Farivar

A lot of people ask this question that what is the difference between Bathurst serviced houses and traditional apartments. Well if we go into technical details then a lot of readers will get bored and would not find the topic that interesting. In this article through a very simple language without going into any technicalities we will tell you the difference betweenBathurst serviced houses and traditional apartments.

Serviced houses

Bathurst serviced houses can be cost-effective and at the same time convenient as well. They are a good option for individuals who are business travellers and who are more comfortable with accommodation which is extended- stay in nature.

What is the major difference?

The major difference between traditional apartments and Bathurst serviced houses lies in the fact that serviced houses give you a more home like feeling. You get exposed to a self-contained house like environment in these houses. You can get a personal space of your own in these dwellings. Some offerings of the serviced houses are very similar to the traditional apartments as well such as different perks and discounts are offered. The houses are fully furnished and services like laundry are also in offering.

Investing in serviced houses: Is it a good decision?

Tourism and business travel has increased tremendously in Australia which means that occupancy rates are generally high. There is a possibility that the use of Bathurst serviced houses will increase in the country. Though risk is associated with all kinds of investment however serviced houses give better returns for sure. It is better that you search out a well-known investing partner for yourself. A good investment partner can give you a lot of benefits such as fixed rental income, no letting fees, 100% tendency and no maintenance regulations. 

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